Walls of Confinement


  • 2003: Switch off into all me nothing and you

You can listen and download Walls of Confinement music here:


Walls of Confinement started out as a 3 man project somewhere in the late 90's 

  • Hannewil van der Schee – Bass guitar 
  • Richard Knol – mixing / editing / live mixing 
  • Wim Uiterwijk – Guitar / sounds / sampling / vocals 

A dark industrial metal formation mostly inspired by Godflesh and Pitchshifter, accompanied with lots of samples and electronic sounds. 
After doing a few live shows, including one show in which we temporarily teamed up with the local Drum 'n Bass formation “Time Convert”, Walls of confinement started to explore new electronic music ideas. But times change and so do musical interests, and Richard and Hannewil left the band. 
Not being discouraged by this and not yet ready to give up Walls of Confinement, I went on and made the solo album “Switch: off into all me nothing and you” 
Electro – Industrial – Dark ambient , with a hint of Drum 'n base. 
After making this album , Walls of confinement got shelved due to all kinds of circumstances. 
And so it ceased to exist...