• 2012 - Artefficient

You can listen and download D.I.R.T. music here:


  • Evelien Spin – text / voice 
  • Wim Uiterwijk – guitar / music / text / voice 

2007 – Steenwijk – the Netherlands 

Two friends, allways active in the darker music scene (metal, industrial, Dark Ambient) team up to form DIRT, in an effort to create their own style of Industrial music , inspired by Godflesh, Frontline Assembly and In Slaugter Natives. 
The band is soon completed with a second guitar player, Patrick Brandsma, to try to enhance the Metal sound of it's music. But after a while, musical interests change and Patrick left the band. Resulting in a more industrial / electro kind of music that DIRT is today. 
After a long time of creating , rewriting, changing ideas of how DIRT should sound, and lots of rehersal sessions, the band finaly made their live performance debut December 2012 whilst recording the album Artefficient. 
During the finalization of these recordings, and before the actual release of this album , DIRT ceased to exist.