Insanae mentis


  • 2002 - The Stained Veil
  • 2016 - Hymns of the immaculate ignorant

You can listen and download Insanae Mentis music here:


2002 – The stained veil... 

In the haze of all that is loud music, (I was very active in the Deathmetal scene at that time) I needed to explore de darker side of music. 
Dark Ambient truly filled that need for making sounds that make some people feel uneasy, unsettled... yet intermittently creating something that is loud and obnoxious. 
Insanae Mentis is that side project... which reveals its ugly head whenever it needs to... 


2016 – Hymns of the immaculate ignorant...

Dormant but present, my Insanae Mentis project is still active, new ideas accumulated and resulted in a personal questioning of what is sane and what is insane, what is real, what is not real. Are we all insane? 
Or are we just different? Thus creating “Hymns of the immaculate ignorant”

Wim Uiterwijk