• 2002 - Slide It In And Play...
  • 2004 - Omnimpotent
  • 2005 - Seeking Comfort In Chaos

You can listen and download Spermblaster music here: 


Spermblaster was a project run by André Mesker. Starting in 2002, Spermblaster became a well known name in the Dutch gothic/industrial scene and appeared on various compilations as 'Van Duytschen Bloet', Lowlands Industrialism 1 & Lowlands Industrialism 2 and the '10 Years DJ -X-X-X compilation'. After a few years it was time to explore new territories and lay Spermblaster to rest. Spermblaster only wakes up once in a while to do a remix and has done remixes for Alternative 4, Angelspit, Halcyon Days and Hardcore Pong.