From the Fields


  • 2015 - Kaoss 1
  • 2019 - Misophonia

You can listen and download From the Fields music here:


  • André Mesker - Samples, sounds, synth's, drums 
  • Wim Uiterwijk - Samples, sounds, synth's, drums

Whilst André Mesker was making music for a couple of years with Spermblaster and The Chaos Industry, a very good friend , Hans van der Velden, asked him if he would be interested in making a Dark Ambient album just for him. André accepted the challenge and started working on a new side-project named From the Fields, its project name being a translation from Hans his last name. In 2010 this resulted in the album Harmonics And Non-adaptive Sounds (H.A.N.S.) A one cd production which featured an extremely dark interpretation of what Dark Ambient should sound like according to André. Inspired by this one-time production, he started exploring what else he could do within this wide spectrum of sounds, beats and sampling that is Dark Ambient, and in 2015 this resulted in a new album: Kaoss. Shortly after finishing this album, From the Fields was asked to do a live performance. To ensure that live mixing was up to standards with what he wanted From the Fields to sound like, he asked Wim Uiterwijk to do the live mixing at this performance. 
Intrigued by the dark sounds and the live show which featured an all black, grim reaper like appearance with a led-mask, doing live sampling and sound creation, Wim and André forged a plan to join forces, ultimately creating the musical darkness that is From The Fields today. 
After 2 years rehearsing the first result is the album 'Misophonia' a well balanced mix between Dark Ambient, Industrial and Noise music.

From the Fields live is an attack to the senses where extremely low frequencies make everything tremble and the listener is submerged in experimental sounds and pounding rhythms.